Commercial General Liability Insurance Ontario

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Commercial General Liability

A commercial accident or claim has the potential to at worst put you out of business, and at minimum distract you from creating meaningful value as an entrepreneur or manager. The right liability insurance is imperative to covering major risks related to your area of business.

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Business insurance customization

If you offer bespoke products or services not covered by general commercial liability insurance, please contact us to discuss any customization for your needs.

Each business is unique and coverage limits should reflect this reality. For example, a store-front business where people may trip and fall will face risks different from a technology company where security risks take precedence. Cover will work with you to determine policy limits that make sense for your business based on the nature and geographic reach of your operations.

In cases where you require excess liability policies, inclusive of commercial auto, marine and other property we’re able to augment coverage to reflect your needs. We’re here to take care of all of the complexity surrounding your business risks!

Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage includes:

  • Dedicated customer service. Our managers are dedicated to learning more about your business, and anticipating risks inherent to your business. A deeper understanding of your company, operations, quality standards, and safety procedures produces better results.
  • Smooth amendments to coverage. Our partnerships with underwriters make providing extra coverage or amending policy terms a smooth process.
  • Easy provisioning of tenants legal liability insurance to pay for damage to leased office space.
  • Monitoring of premiums to constantly keep you aware of changes, and opportunities to reduce the cost of insurance.

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